Whilst we offer our own stocks, we are always happy to sell wine on behalf of our customers, providing it is in good condition; and valuations are free.

For a valuation of your stocks, please contact us. If the wines are suitable for sale and in good condition, we can then either buy the wines outright at a price agreed by both parties, or list them on your behalf and take a commission when they sell.

Either way the wines will need to be delivered to our account at London City Bond Tilbury, photographed and checked for condition.

If we are buying the wines outright we will pay as soon as the wine has been checked and a price agreed.

TO value your wine

Contact us via email on sales@bushbyfinewines.co.uk or telephone +44 (0) 1394 460561.

We do not accept credit cards so all payments must be made for the full amount by bank transfer, on receipt of invoice.

For full details of payment terms, delivery and storage, please refer to the terms & conditions page.